My name is Christine and I am a Product Junkie! My friends also call me the  'Extroverted Introvert'. Maybe because I am shy but I let what I wear express how I feel at any given time.

I started a career in fashion buying and loved every minute of it! Seeing strangers in pieces I had bought for stores was the most satisfying aspect of buying. Over the years and 2 pretty girls later, I have taken these skills and applied it to runing my own retail business.

I love hunting for unique finds and fads particularly clothing, accessories and beauty products.From spotting a marketplace in Bali that sells the best summer hats, to Spanish designers with amazing party dresses for my girls. Also not to forget hidden makeup brands that give you a 360 makeover. All of these I find so exciting to buy and share with you all!!

I am often asked where is your highlighter from? That top how can I get it? Those trousers!! I need them.

Look no further - visit my website as often as you can www.christinesfads.com. I promise to bring you the best of UBER CHIC UBER TRENDY pieces and I will also blog about these amazing finds too!!

Happy shopping and Thank you for dropping by.