August, the last days of summer🌾💚

Christine P

“When you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance”

 I saw this post on instagram and immediately thought wow this is me!! Whenever a sale comes in, my daughter and I have choreographed this joyful yet crazy happy dance to our summer song watermelon sugar by Harry styles.

As a small business, it’s hard keeping up with bigger brands with bigger inventory, bigger marketing budgets and shorter delivery lead times. For this reason, patience, resilience and focus remains our driving force. Whilst pushing for constant growth especially in these trying times, I have made the conscious effort to stay true to my pace and capabilities! One thing I know is I LOVE what I do and I must admit it does help a lot because if I had to match my business with what I see on social media, I probably would have given up!

However I crave that excitement of sourcing and buying new pieces, the beauty of seeing them on influencers/customers, customers making inquiries and most importantly when the NEW ORDERS notification comes up!

"Little by Little. Day by Day. What is meant for me will find its way"

To everyone who has supported and trusted THANK YOU

I can’t wait until we can’t keep up with the happy dances/cheers. Those are the best moments with my daughters.

Enjoy the rest of the last days of summer.


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