Hello July...🌞

Christine P

My 6 year old said if she had a magic wand she would turn all bad people to ants, make the corona virus disappear forever and we would travel all around the world.

I said what about School? which she then said 'No mummy, we would play with fashion and travel all round the world.  In that instant, I thought 'play with Fashion?'. Once It played in my head, I had a sudden epiphany! That's it!

... playing with fashion best describes my mood for July.

This July..
I would start with the ABC's of art, playing dress up in textures and fabrics
That way I know if chiffon is truly the lightest of all 
I would daydream in colours, not just the ones that complement my skin
But others that are not so friendly to a brown skin girl
I would pretend I were on the beach with raffia hats as visors
and walk around bare foot in my summer whites
Maybe even try on several 6 inch heels with no where to go.
Golden and sun baked in my favourite new shorts I would think of all the happy memories shared with my sister 
This July might just be the start of a summer story to remember..


..So what do you think? Fancy playing with fashion in our store?

Go on, start shopping..X 




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